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Acquazzurra for years has worked towards a goal: ensuring access to water of the best possible quality (fresh, free of impurities, natural to the taste) and does so by bringing water treatment systems to families and companies of every citizen in Prato and the surrounding area. This is possible only through new generation water treatment solutions. Because it is only by having clean, safe and sweet water available that we can really make a difference in guaranteeing the well-being and health of the people we love.

Acquazzurra - Official Culligan dealer

Anyone who wants to live better, saving money, has good reasons to get to know Acquazzurra. Thanks to Culligan's hundred years’ worth of experience, Acquazzurra is the perfect provider of global solutions for water treatment. From the domestic to the industrial sector, we provide the right support to our customers: from the analysis of the water to be treated to the installation of the proposed systems and finally assistance. Because it is only by choosing Acquazzurra Culligan that you can guarantee healthier, better water without thinking twice.

Acquazzurra - Official Culligan dealer

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These accomplishments are only possible thanks to the standard-bearing role that Acquazzurra plays within the local community. This phenomenon operates continuously throughout the province of Prato and owes its constant growth to cutting-edge technologies and an exceptional team. Speed, competence, experience and flexibility are Acquazzurra's main responses against the critical issues of the sector. A philosophy that rewards our company as an official dealer, and always your partner for solutions related to the world of water.

Acquazzurra - Official Culligan dealer