Tailor-made products

Water purifiers

The tools you need to enjoy the best water every day, fresh, thirst-quenching, and without traces of impurities.

The Culligan systems

Quality water for more than 100 years

The best way to show the people close to us that we care about their well-being and their health is to guarantee them fresh water with a natural flavor and that’s free from impurities. Accompany them in everyday life thanks to Culligan solutions, the product of over 100 years of worldwide experience. Discover water purifiers, coolers, industrial softeners and many other tools to ensure quality water for you and those around you. Contact us and we will show you the best solution for you.

For your Home

A line of products designed to offer the guaranteed service of Culligan systems directly from the tap in your home. Everything you were looking for in the water for your family is now at your fingertips.

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For Condominiums

Now even your condominium will be able to discover the true taste of water thanks to Acquazzurra. Choose the water purifier that's right for you and restore the pleasure of drinking authentic water thanks to our solutions.

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For the Office

Bring the well-being of Culligan into your workplace. Now thanks to the refrigeration and water filtration systems, even your office will be able to enjoy water like never before.

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For Hotel and Tourism

Give your guests all the benefits of water treated with the most modern Culligan tools for sanitary water, without limestone and legionella. Comfort, pleasure and taste, to fully experience unforgettable moments.

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For Restaurants and Bars

With the Acquazzurra range of products, give your dishes the unmistakable authentic flavor that characterises them, give coffee its unmistakable aroma, and tickle every palate with the clear taste of the tastiest water ever.

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Luxury and wellbeing

A pool is a doorway into a fantastic world, built from joy and laughter, relaxation and tranquillity, long swims under the baking sun or private evenings. Plan a pool yourself and enjoy every single moment in the water, thanks to the plants, treatments, and accessories of Acquazzura. Your next ticket to unforgettable memories.

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