For restaurants and bars

Systems for drinking water and for removing limescale, to give each customer the highest experience related to catering.

Water Purifiers

For food and environments always up to standard

Water is the key element to accompany meals, to cook traditional gastronomic recipes or to prepare a good coffee. This is why it is important to have reverse osmosis dispensers, water purifiers for the restaurant or water softeners for the bar. Use only the best water, to guarantee your customers a full and always attentive experience, thanks to Acquazzurra.

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For restaurants and bars

Do you need help choosing the right item for your business? Get in touch with our customer service right away. It's as easy as drinking a glass of water.

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We offer ad hoc solutions, services and tools capable of responding to the real needs of those who work in catering. From water softeners for bars to restaurant water purifiers, up to reverse osmosis dispensers or anti-legionella treatment. All the many ways to give your business safe, clean water with a natural taste.

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